Dr. Siting Ni

Postdoctoral Fellow
Siting Ni was born and raised in China, where she received her B.Sc. at the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Nanjing University, with a National Scholarship recognition. Her bachelor thesis was on chemiluminescent immuno-sensor arrays for large-scale screening of cancer biomarkers in the State Key Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry for Life Science under the supervision of Dr. Jie Wu and Dr. Huangxian Ju.
Siting Ni later joined the research group of Dr. R. Bruce Lennox at the Department of Chemistry, McGill University, to pursue her Ph.D. in chemistry. Her research was divided into three projects: 1. Novel Au nanomaterials as catalysts for the hydrogenation of CO2 towards clean fuels; 2. Functional oligomers as ligands for gold nanorods: stability and potential in biological systems; 3. Carbon nanotube-gold nanorod conjugates via thermally-mild reaction conditions. She also received a MedTech Talent Accelerator Doctoral Industrial Internship to complete a 4-month internship as an R&D Biomedical Engineering Researcher at Myant Inc. in Toronto.
Recently, she has become a member of Prof.Chao-Jun Li's research group and is currently working on developing new strategies and catalysts on CO2 and N2 conversion catalyzed by GaN and GaN composites.
B.Sc. in Chemistry, Nanjing University
Ph.D. in Chemistry, McGill University