Our Research

Exploration of New Chemical Reactivities for Sustainable Molecular Transformations

Our future global sustainability mandates fundamental innovations in sciences and technologies with regard to resources, energy, and environment. Our lab is focusing on exploring new fundamental reactions that can drastically shorten synthetic steps, more directly transform renewable biomass and abundant feedstocks (CO2 and methane) into high valued products, and harvest solar light by chemical means and utilize photo-energy as energy input for chemical conversion.



Metal-Mediated Grignard-Type Reactions in Water
Catalytic Nucleophilic Additions via C-H Reactions in Water
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Utilization of Natural Feedstocks


Direct Conversions of Carbohydrates
Direct Transformations of Amino Acids & Peptides
Lignin for Aromatics
Alternative Methane & Short-Chain Alkane Conversions
Utilization & Conversions of CO2
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Solar & Photoenergy for Chemical Reaction


Solar-Energy Harvesting
Use of Light to Enable Efficient Chemical Transformations
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