Natural Feedstock


Promoting eco-efficiency


  • Direct conversions of carbohydrates in water via the catalytic reactions developed above.

  • Direct transformation of amino acids and peptides via aqueous A3 -Coupling (Aldehyde-Alkyne- Amine), dicarboxylic couplings, and CDC reactions that we developed.

  • Utilization of lignin for aromatics via we newly developed “hydrogen-borrowing” strategy for the direct cross-coupling of phenols with various nucleophiles.

  • Alternative methane and short-chain alkane conversions via novel catalytic system such as GaN (nanowires and nanoparticles) into pure hydrogen gas (for fuels) and aromatics (for chemical products).

  • Utilization and conversion of CO2 via novel catalytic systems such as the modified A3-Coupling, cyclic carbonates via oxidative alkene/CO2 reaction, and photo-electrochemical reduction of CO2 GaN nanowires.



C.-J. Li, Acc. Chem. Res. 2010, 43, 581-590.